‘My Vegan Diary’ is my journal that I am compiling with all the sweet and appetizing memories as I have discovered within me, the joy of baking.

I am no professional baker and I am sincerely not aware of all the technicalities of baking and cake adornments. All I know about me in this field of aroma is that I bake with all my heart. I bake when it isn’t one of my days to lift my spirits. I bake when I am eagerly waiting for an occasion to arrive. I bake to smell the aroma of vanilla and chocolate cooking in my oven and that is pure bliss to me.

When I bumped on the phrase OCD ,Obsessive Cupcake Disorder, I was elated beyond expression as I knew it was me. Originally I am a cake lover. Maybe I inherited this passion from my mom who baked all those wonderful homemade cakes in her times of stress and happiness. Well, I am so glad I did.

I have chosen my happiness and will to take a shift in my perception packed with the essence of compassion towards Vegan Baking. Vegan baking did not strike to me just because ‘it’s in the trend’, as most people I have encountered, think. It is definitely because, that is the path I choose for myself and what better way to start than with the things I love most, cakes, desserts and other baked savories.

So here it is, My Vegan Diary, a simple blog of homemade cakes that will grow over the years as I am not going to stop trying all those delicious vegan desserts waiting to be explored. 🙂

P.S: My appreciation goes out to all the lovely bakers around the world who make it a much sweeter place to live.


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